Christopher Sylvain

Selected Videos:

Dr. Andre Perry
New Orleans Public Schools

Dr. Jose Bautista
Economics of Poverty

Dr. Norman Francis
Xavier University

Dr. Donisha Dunn
Dr. Anthony Johnson
Drug Use

Secretary Bruce Greenstein

Dr. David Berris
Food Anthropology

Dr. Claire Thoreson
The Achievement Gap

Dr. Clyde Robertson
\The African American Male

Cynthia Hedge Morrell

Dr. Victor Ukpolo

Carolyn Matthews/John
Thompson/Norris Henderson

Secretary Alan Levine
Health Reform

U.S. Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao
Health Reform

Ron Gonzales
Homelessness and Guilt

Ms. Leah Berger
Tulane's Community Service

James Perry
The Housing Crisis in NO

Martha Kegel
The State of the Homeless

Dr. LuAnn White
Food Safety after the Oil Spill

Calynn Bunol, MS, RD, LDN
Eating and the Mind

Dr. Patrick Quinlan
The Successes at Ochsner

Dr. Kathleen Kennedy
The Future of  Xavier's College
of Pharmacy

Dr. Timothy Harlan
Cooking Healthy Foods

Ben Clapper
The Politics of Abortion

Dr. Larry Hollier
The New Medical Center
The Charity Proposal

Dr. Catherine Taylor
Television and Aggression in

Dr. Tim Church

Dr. Liwei Chen

Dr. Lydia Bazzano
Belly Fat
Liquid Calories

Dr. Carl Lavie
Fish, Exercise and the Heart

Dr. Joia Crear-Perry
Infant Mortality

Dr. Conchetta Fulton
How Does the Birth Control Pill

Dr. Benjamin Sachs
Healthcare and an Academic
Medical Center in New Orleans

Dr. Anthony Johnson

Dr. Takeisha Davis
The Flu

Dr. Keith Ferdinand  
Overcoming Katrina

Dr. Calvin Williams-

Molly Kimball  
Healthy Eating

Dr. Beverly Favre
The Career Diploma Bill

Allene McCann

Dr. Kevin Stephens

Dr. Karen DeSalvo
Medical Homes

Senator Cheryl Gray-Evans
Dr. Arthur Strauss

Sybil Richard, R.Ph., J.D.
Moving La. From the Bottom

Dr. Fred Lopez

Dr. James Moises
Ms. Sandra Stokes
Rebuilding Charity Hospital

Dr. Maureen Shuh
The Immune System

Dr. James Hightower
Pastoral Counseling

Dr. Martin Irwin
Getting Kids Off Drugs

Ed Poindexter, R.Ph., MBA
Healthcare in New Orleans

Leah Chase
Healthy Cooking
Health Issues Television        Wellness Issues Radio
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Dr. James Turner
Cornell University
Dr. Alan Colon
Dillard University
"Mass Incarceration"
Ms. Carmen Weisner  
National Association of Social Workers/La  - Executive Director
Dr. So'Nia Gilkey
Asst. Professor - Tulane School of Social Work
The Solution to New Orleans' Health Rankings: Social Workers
Attorney Katie Schwartzmann
Southern Poverty Law Center
Orleans Parish Prison
Dr. Stacy Drury
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Tulane University School of Medicine
"The Impact of Murder on Children"
Sheriff Marlin Gusman
Criminal Sheriff
Office of  Sheriff for  the Parish of Orleans
Dr. L. Lee Hamm
Dean of the Tulane University School of Medicine and
Senior Vice President of Tulane University